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Tips when Requesting a Quote

In order to produce a top-quality translation, the translation services provider and the customer should go through the following 15 points.

The customer should provide the following information:

  • The language of the source text
  • The subject area of the source text
  • The purpose of the translation
  • The target language(s) of the translation (including the preferred standard where applicable)
  • The desired delivery date
  • any other special features and requests.

The customer will receive the following information in quotation by the translation services provider:

  • File type used for the translation
  • The length of the source text
  • Price per word
  • A price estimate for the entire translation project
  • Whether the price estimate is subject to change
  • A price estimate for copyediting services and proofreading by an additional translator
  • Terms of payment and the delivery date
  • Whether your translator has a specialist degree in translation
  • Whether your translator is a native speaker of the target language

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