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Quality assurance

Selection of translators

Our company’s team of translators is made up of a large number of translators from all over the world. We factor in the following criteria during the selection process:

  • outstanding qualifications in terms of translator training and/or in relation to the specific area of expertise,
  • an excellent translation record in the respective area of expertise,
  • native speakers of the target language,
  • most translators live in a country whose official language is also the target language of the translation project,
  • they are familiar with the cultural specificities and other particularities of the target language and the country.

Review by a second translator

We are able to guarantee top-quality translations by means of an additional review carried out by a second translator.


Our translation agency carries out all assignments in accordance with the DIN EN 15038 standard. Your translation project involves a translator, a reviewer, a project manager and, if required, an external expert. Our project managers monitor all stages of the project as agreed and review the translation once again prior to delivery.

CAT software

We work with Trados, computer-assisted translation (CAT) software that enables us to process accurate, precise and high-quality translations. The program allows us to calculate the exact number of words involved, as well as the percentage of repetitions and fuzzy matches. This enables us to offer price discounts for such repetitions to our customers. The program also sets up a translation memory (TM) that stores the translated sentences and suggests them if they appear in the text again. The TM can be supplied along with the translated texts.

Communication with the customer

In order to ensure top-quality translations, effective communication between us and our customers is of prime importance. Core aspects of this are listed below:

  • If the purpose of the translation is not immediately apparent from the text and the customer’s enquiry, we obtain this information ourselves from the customer and identify the most appropriate translator for the translation.
  • The text is translated into the language variety requested by the customer (e.g. British or American English, Mexican or European Spanish, etc.).
  • During the translation process, the translator also reviews the source text and draws the customer’s attention of any ambiguities.
  • The translator remains at the customer‘s disposal even following the processing and delivery of the translation should you have any further questions.


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Translation services are
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