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Legal Translation Services

Our company provides you with translations of legal texts. So far, already more than a thousand clients have trusted us with their projects. It is undoubtedly essential to translate legal documents precisely because they do not allow for ambiguous or vague formulations. For this reason, all texts of this kind are translated only by highly qualified legal translators with many years of experience in the translation of legal documents. Our translators are masters of linguistics, culture-specific and legal terminology for all legal areas and for different law systems.

Legal translations

Among other things, we offer legal translations of the following text types:

  • Contracts (rental, purchase, donation agreements, etc.),
  • Company Reports,
  • Patents,
  • Complaints,
  • Court records...

Legal expertise

We offer translations in the following areas: general business conditions, security agreements, loan agreements, employment contracts, diplomas, marriage contracts, wills, export contracts, contracts of carriage, birth certificates, commercial law, trademark ownership, marriage certificates, contract law, loan agreements, Incoterms, licensing agreements, brokerage contracts, leases, patent applications, patents, travel contracts, deeds of gift, school certificates.


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