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Professional French translation

If you need a translation from English to French or from French to English, then Optimus Translations is the place for you. More than a thousand customers have trusted us with their projects so far. To ensure high quality translations, we have created a database of more than 800 translators from all around the world.

English-French Translation

We offer fast and accurate translations from French into English and from English into French in any field (general texts, business and financial texts, websites, technical texts, texts in specialist fields such as law, medicine, pharmacuetics etc.).

Professional French translators

The French translation services are provided by experienced university-educated translators who have studied French or English, and are all native speakers of the target language. If desired, we can carry out additional proofreading and copyediting services of the French or English-language texts, or localisation, i.e. the adaptation of the text to the linguistic, cultural and other requirements of the target audience. You can send us your texts per fax, mail, express mail or in digital form (per e-mail or our online order form). Our translation agency provides professional translation services and only employs native speaker translators who have extensive experience in various fields. Our translations are therefore always accurate and of high quality.


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